The Importance of Using Photos of People in Your Social Media

Let’s face it: not everyone likes to have their picture taken, and not everyone is comfortable having their picture posted online. 

In fact, you may feel hesitant to post pictures of yourself and others, and this hesitancy may be driving you to post memes, generic graphics, or even inspirational quotes to avoid doing so. 

But posting pictures of real humans on social media can boost not only your brand, but your bottom line, and here’s why!

1. People love people

Humans are wired to be social; that means that we have a desire to connect, engage, interact and build trust with other humans. In fact, even when we “anamorphize” or superimpose human-like features on animals and even inanimate objects, we are more likely to be attracted to and engage with them, so when you are trying to attract and engage with other humans (as in marketing!) going with another human is always a safe bet. 

2. People relate to other people

Lists of features, benefits, etc are nice, but humans don’t want to relate to facts and figures; they relate to other human beings. So when you depict you or other people you are going to get better results with your marketing, no matter what product, service or idea you are promoting. There’s a reason why publishers often use pictures of people, because they know it works! 

3. The stats don’t lie…and you can even test it yourself

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Best 9 recently conducted a test, and posts with faces were 38% more likely to be liked, and 32% more likely to be engaged with (comments, shares, etc). You can even try this out for yourself! Of all the posts that were made on your accounts last year, which ones showed the highest number of likes and engagement? Go ahead, we’ll wait! One of the most important fundamentals behind marketing is test, test test. So when you discover what’s working, do more of that, and less of what doesn’t! 

4. Stock file photos aren’t a shortcut. 

While stock file photos are useful for many different situations, they generally won’t net the same kind of results that a real picture of a real person (or two or three or more!) will. Why? Because we crave authenticity and connection, and our brains know better. So whenever possible, use real humans doing real human things, and watch your results and revenue grow! 

5. What about selfies, or my lack of photogenic quality?

Humans love humans, and so that means that the age, gender, etc of the people in a photo doesn’t really seem to matter! What we crave is to relate, so when you capture you, your team or customers in a genuine way, other humans are more likely to relate. And btw selfies aren’t the only way to show off your human face! Don’t be afraid to snap pictures of others, and be snapped yourself too! Because at the end of the day, what your humans (potential and current customers) want to see, is humans too. 

So as you can see, now is the perfect time to get more social with your social media, and show off what makes your business or organization so special, and that’s the people in it, and who you serve. 


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