Episode 113 | How Libraries Support Marketing Innovation with Yuki Graviet and Allison Maier

Jan 13, 2022

About Yuki and Allison:

Yuki Graviet works for the Meridian Library District as the Business Liaison Librarian for the unBound business & tech location. Yuki is passionate about helping local business owners and entrepreneurs navigate resources that will help them thrive in Idaho’s rapidly changing economy. Allison Maier is the Communications Manager at the Meridian Library District. Allison is a nonprofit outreach coordinator, occasional freelance reporter and endeavoring fiction writer based in Boise. 


Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:51 Yuki and Allison’s Bio
00:52 – 02:56 https://www.peppershock.com/offers/
02:57 – 10:13 Marketing Essentials Moment: What is Clubhouse and why should you join. 
10:14 – 10:36 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
10:37 -12:02 Welcome ladies!
12:03 – 13:16 Yuki on relationship building and information
13:17 – 14:01 Allison’s transition from journalism to communication and marketing
14:02 – 1 9:05 Working at unBound
19:06 – 23:09 Giving the people free access
23:10 – 24:24 During the pandemic
24:25 – 27:40 Spreading the word about unBound
27:41 – 28:55 Favorite book?
28:56- 34:20 Yuki and Allison share some of their resources
34:21 – 36:08 Yuki was amazed as a newcomer to unBound
36:09 – 37:47 Allison was pleasantly surprised that people are engaging to their focus groups
37:48- 40:52 If you have unlimited budget, what would you spend it on
40:53 – 45:43 Library as centers of connection for people
45:44 – 47:24 How to reach Yuki, Allison, and the Meridian Library District
47:25 – 48:18 New Marketing Trends for the New Year
48:19 – 49:03 Ladies, Thank you so much! Enjoy the journey!
49:04 – 49:49 Join https://themarketingexpedition.com today!

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