Tiktok Marketing: How Brands can use Tiktok to their Advantage!

While Tik Tok may not seem that new anymore, it still may be relatively new to many businesses who aren’t quite sure if they can, or even should be using it to promote their products and services. 


To be fair, every time a new app or trend pops up, it’s a good idea to do your research, and try to get a good understanding of who the app or trend appeals to before you jump right in. Not all things that are new have the legs to go the distance, and not all avenues are right for every business or organization. 

But TikTok has matured into a formidable and venerable platform over the last few years, so here’s the why and how behind why YOU should consider using TikTok to your brand’s advantage!

TikTok has over 1 Billion active users. That’s right, that’s a billion with a B! That’s a lot of eyes, and potential views! 


Advertising on TikTok is not currently a lucrative thing for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations to be pursuing on TikTok, and that’s okay! In fact, even the big boys aren’t looking for leads and sales on TikTok. So if you are looking for a pull handle for sales, TikTok currently isn’t going to be a good fit for you. 

But if branding, company culture, and reaching a wider audience is important to you, TikTok can be a great tool to start doing so, today!


While there are many TikTok challenges that are downright annoying (or even nefarious) there are many more TikTok challenges that are wholesome, hilarious, hearty, and can help you grow and build your brand and awareness about it. 


TikTok isn’t just about being funny: 

While most of the content on TikTok is designed to be funny and is absolutely entertaining or hilarious, TikTok also has tons of great content that is informative, persuasive, thought provoking or tear-jerking! Chances are, if it’s something your organization cares about, there’s a few hundred to a few hundred thousand people that do too.

Don’t be afraid to be funny:

That said, don’t be afraid to be funny! If local police departments can participate in dance challenges, your business or organization can show your humanity, your ingenuity, and how genuine you are too!


See, then do.

Before you jump in and start experimenting with TikTok (and learn all it’s cool functions, tricks and tools!) we encourage you to spend some time enjoying the app and it’s content first, so you are comfortable and familiar with it! This won’t only give you inspiration, but a better understanding of what kinds of content get the most views and engagement.

Now, do!

Regardless of your age or social media savvy, there is always that first time pushing the button, and that’s always scary! But once you start creating and posting content, you will become more comfortable, find your company or organization’s voice, and begin to grow your audience.


Don’t worry about perfection. 

One of the most beautiful things about TikTok is that it’s very genuine and messy: real people singing, dancing, and sharing their quips, thoughts, joys, and lessons learned with others. While you do want your content to be on brand and represent it in a way that makes you proud, always lean on being genuine, and keep it up!

TikTok will continue to grow and evolve as all platforms do, and we encourage you to allow your company or organization to grow and evolve with it too! One of the greatest mistakes marketers can make is to ignore what their audience wants, due to ego, fear or unfamiliarity with something that’s new. Don’t be left behind by the trends, download the app and start gaining inspiration and audience share for yourself, today. 

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