Episode 103 | Sharpening Your Entrepreneurial Edge with Nida Leardprasopsuk

Nov 11, 2021

About Nida:

Nida Leardprasopsuk is a top-tier business consultant, mindset coach, and former Fortune 500 executive with more than two decades of experience in marketing, business, and human psychology. Her consulting and coaching business centers around exceptionality, a key factor in her own success. She is the author of the One to Millions Entrepreneur and host of the One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast show. She also has a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing and is currently completing her research for a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. She is a professional certified coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 


Podcast Notes:

0:00 – 1:07 About Nida 1:07 – 12:37 Marketing Essentials Tip 12:37 – 13:06 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition podcast 13:06 – 13:26 Welcome Nida 13:26 – 14:45 Nida’s background 14:45 – 17:36 Process of business consulting & how to find a business’s unique strategy 17:36 – 22:27 Example of the process 22:27 – 24:22 Nida’s marketing tactics 24:22 – 26:07 Where does she see herself in 5 years 26:07 – 28:22 Always learning 28:22 – 32:05 Nida’s mentor 32:05 – 34:54 The Enneagram 34:54 – 37:30 What it takes to be an author 37:30 – 39:02 Working Internationally 39:02 – 40:05 How to contact Nida and her website https://www.coachnida.com http://linkedin.com/in/nida-leardprasopsuk-6922522 40:05 – 40:41 Thank you Nida 40:41- 40:57 Thanks for listening 40:57 – 41:28 Join https://themarketingexpedition.com today!

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