Episode 91 | Navigating the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with Clay Space

Aug 19, 2021

About Clay:

Clay Space was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, spent a short stint in LA, and moved to Idaho last May in search of an area that was more chaos resistant. Clay has extensive experience in the media/entertainment industry and has been an avid participant in the Bitcoin ecosystem for 8 years. Today, Clay is an investor and Bitcoin educator. His hobbies are writing, tennis, chess, jiujitsu, and guitar.

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – 00:30 About Clay Space
00:30 – 01:00 https://www.peppershock.com/offers/
01:00 – 05:01 Marketing Essentials Moment
05:01 – 05:17 Welcome to The Marketing Expedition Podcast
05:17 – 06:33 Welcome Clay Space
06:33 – 07:15 Working from home
07:15 – 08:41 Combining Crypto and fiction
08:41 – 11:54 What are NFT’s?
11:54 – 17:34 What is Bitcoin
17:34 – 30:18 Environmental impact of Bitcoin
30:18 – 32:52 The large network of Bitcoin
32:52 – 35:26 Investing in Bitcoin
35:26 – 40:48 What other Cryptocurrencies are out there?
40:48 – 44:54 Worldwide currency
44:54 – 51:12 Marketing’s roll in Bitcoin
51:12 – 52:14 Bitcoin and taxes
52:14 – 55:34 The why and how to get into Bitcoin
55:34 – 56:30 Clay’s final thoughts and how to reach him!
56:30 – 58:57 Thank you, Clay
58:57 – 59:15 Thank you for joining us for The Marketing Expedition Podcast
59:15 – 59:44 Start your adventure today https://themarketingexpedition.com/

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