Facebook 201

As promised, here is Part II of our two-part Facebook for Business series, Facebook 201!

If you missed Facebook for Business 102, here’s the link: Facebook 101

Last time, we taught you the benefits of setting up your Facebook Business Page and taught you about the key differences and benefits between a personal profile and a Business Page.

Then we taught you about the mechanics of a Business Page, and some best practices for creating and posting content that resonates with your audience and establishes your brand and brand personality.

So now that you have learned to walk, and slow jog around the Facebook Business track, we’re ready to take you to the next level and get you running (and getting results!).


Just in case you missed it and need a reminder on WHY you should be using Facebook to promote your brand and bottom line NOW, here’s a reminder!

  • More than half the world’s total population now uses social media
  • COVID-19 triggered a steep incline in social media usage across the World
Social Media Use Around the World

In a COVID-19 world, it’s not a matter of IF you should use Facebook to reach your audience and potential customers, but HOW.

If your audience wants to know what you are offering, how they can get it (order online, in-store, curb-side pickup, COVID-19 protocols, etc, or hours of operation for instance) they are more likely to go to your Facebook page than anywhere else.

So let’s move out of that slow jog, and start running!

Facebook Love and Like Icons

Break into a Run. 

It might seem a little daunting at first, and that’s okay! The unfamiliar is new, but once you start getting into it and clicking one button at a time you’ll start building some serious confidence right away, so let’s go. 

1. Facebook and Instagram aren’t just dating, they are in a serious LTR. 

If you didn’t already know, Facebook and Instagram are like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell; Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (at the time of this post!) they are committed, bonded, and in a healthy, long term relationship with one another. And with Facebook Business Suite being rolled out, they are even easier to manage and leverage for your business! Facebook Business Suite is optimized for small businesses (yeah!) and integrates all your messages, insights, and more into one place. For you OG’s, Facebook Business Suite replaces the Facebook Pages Manager App. 

2. The battle between desktop and mobile has cooled. 

We all know that whiz that can answer every question there is to know about Facebook, but as soon as you hand them a phone or ask them how to do it on desktop, they are lost. Recent re-designs to both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook have made them easier to navigate and manage, and easier on the eyes than previous versions.

3. Facebook Groups: No longer just a place for fringe arguments and nosy neighbors. 

Facebook is putting a lot of effort into Facebook Groups and as 2021 rolls on we will be seeing more and more opportunities to monetize them, and provide greater and greater value to current fans, customers, and would-be customers. Getting familiar with Facebook Groups is going to be an essential component of any social media manager’s tool bag, and here’s how to do it!

Facebook Friend Request

Now you are picking up speed, so run with friends! 

So how do you use Facebook Groups in a meaningful way to engage with your audience and build your brand and bottom line? As it’s been said, many heads are better than one, and that’s all part of the group experience! 

1. Run ads in your Facebook Group, and new tools to come!

While you can already run ads in your groups, in the future you will also be able to develop partnerships with advertisers that will allow you to generate even more revenue! If that doesn’t encourage you to invest some time in creating engaging, thriving groups, we don’t know what does! 

2. Increased engagement with groups. 

Chances are if someone took the time to join a group (and answered the questions!) they are already interested in what you have to offer or say, and that’s a battle already half won! So what do you have to offer your group? Think of special offers, polls, discounts, early-bird specials, exclusive content, and more when you are posting in your group. 

3. Win at groups, by being a good group member yourself!

Post often, respond, answer questions, react, do all the things that you’d want a group to do for you, and watch engagement increase! You can also promote your group (like a service or product offering), team up with other groups and organizations, and more. The more members, the more engagement, the more lucrative your group will be.

Facebook Notification

How do I get them to notice me?

While organic reach and growth are becoming more and more of an elusive unicorn for businesses (imagine 3 people talking simultaneously in a room. Now imagine billions. Get it?) getting the attention of the people who already noticed you is possible, and this is how to keep the ones you caught!

1. Facebook Live and stories are legit. 

Facebook Live and stories are still great ways to snag your audience’s attention and get them to see what you have to say or offer. So leverage these tools (remember when we said you could post the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body and nobody would see it if you didn’t promote it?) by going Live, alerting your audience when you are going to go live, tag friends, grab a friend, and post to those stories! 

2. Use the 5 R’s!

Ratings/Rankings, Reviews,  Recommendations, Referrals, and Rewards!

What’s this all mean? Encourage your audience to leave ratings or rank you, leave reviews, recommendations, ask for referrals, and then REWARD them for all of the above with giveaways, discounts, exclusive access, or a little bit of whatever your company has to offer. 

3. Win at groups, by being a good group member yourself!

Post often, respond, answer questions, react, do all the things that you’d want a group to do for you, and watch engagement increase! You can also promote your group (like a service or product offering), team up with other groups and organizations, and more. The more members, the more engagement, the more lucrative your group will be.

Facebook Marketplace

I’m ready to RUN!

So let’s talk about ads, and shops and more! If you want the most out of your ad targeting, analytics and more, you’ll want to be a Business Manager, although you can run ads through the Ads Manager. So what are the best practices for promoting and selling on Facebook?

1. Use Carousel Ads

You can explain a process, build anticipation, or demonstrate your product or service with this type of ad, utilize multiple landing pages (a landing page for each unique product or service on each carousel item) or display one large side-scrolling image. 

2. Take advantage of Facebook’s analytics. 

By taking advantage of Facebook’s massive amount of data, you can fine-tune your ads and posts to your current audience, or select certain cohorts of individuals on all of Facebook. Examples include location, interests, age, etc. For instance, if you sell off-road equipment you wouldn’t want to be spending time and money targeting Prius owners or people who are passionate about fuel mileage! 

3. Track it! 

If you don’t measure what you treasure, you won’t be able to dump what you don’t! Facebook is really good at analytics and metrics, and if you want to know what types of content or ads are really speaking to your customers, you are going to want to look at the reach, likes, follows, engagements and shares and adjust accordingly. 

4. New ways to sell your stuff. 

Heard of Facebook Shops? It’s just one of many new ways that you can utilize Facebook to sell your products or services, and as contactless options continue to grow in demand, Facebook Shops will only continue to grow too! It’s free, pretty simple to use, and integrates with Instagram (isn’t that so nice they get along so well?).

Facebook Menu Icons

I got my medal (or participation trophy), now what? 

As Facebook continues to roll out and test new tools and services, your ability to target, reach, and engage with your audience will only get better. 

Like anything else you want to be good at, it takes practice and lots of A/B testing to find the right combination of images, copy, and strategy, but Facebook is a great, low-cost way to fine-tune your messaging and brand. 

But what if you don’t have time? 

That’s okay! Effective social media marketing takes time, patience, and inspiration, and not every business owner has the time needed to really get good at it. If you find that you or your team doesn’t have the time it takes to be great, we’re experts and here to help!

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