Episode 80 | Understanding Audio Out-of-Home™ Advertising with Paul Brenner

Jun 3, 2021

With more than 25 years of experience in media & entertainment and technology leadership, Paul Brenner served in several c-suite roles including division President with Emmis Operating Company [NASDAQ:EMMS]. As President of NextRadio/TagStation, his work focused on global innovation through FM Chip activations in all smartphones for audience measurement, improved in-car user experiences, and data attribution platforms for all broadcast radio. In 2019, Brenner joined Vibenomics as Chief Strategy Officer to help develop the go-to-market strategy for the company’s first-to-market Audio Out-of-Home™ advertising solution. Following a successful launch, Brenner was promoted to President of Audio OOH to oversee all efforts surrounding revenue-generating activity and related partnerships. He also serves as a member of the DPAA Research and Standards Committee. In this program, Brenner collaborates with other passionate advertising industry leaders and advocates for all the positive impacts that are being made in the digital media landscape.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 00:35 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
00:35 – 1:13 About Paul
1:13 – 2:13 https://www.peppershock.com/product/raise-5-off-your-first-card/
2:13 – 2:55 Interested in being a guest/sponsor?
2:55 – 6:34 Rhea’s Marketing Essentials
6:34 – 7:15 Welcome Paul
7:15 – 7:58 Paul’s background
7:58 – 10:25 The story of Audio Out of Home™
10:25 – 16:36 Overview of Audio Out of Home™
16:36 – 19:34 Paul’s marketing tips
19:34 – 23:08 Utilizing the media plan
23:08 – 24:53 Improving from experiences
24:53 – 26:24 Afterthought vs. Forethought
26:24 – 29:27 First-party Data vs. Third-party data
29:27 – 31:27 Education within the industry
31:27 – 34:34 Paul’s advice
34:34 – 38:21 Inspirations and aspirations
38:21 – 39:49 How to connect with Paul
39:49 – 40:11 Thank you, Paul
40:11 – 40:29 Thanks for listening
40:29 – 40:58 Join https://themarketingexpedition.com/ today!

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