Episode 79 | How to Promote a Book with Carrie Severson

May 27, 2021

Carrie Severson is the CEO of The Unapologetic Voice House, an independent publishing agency. She has been in the storytelling space for more than 20 years. After being published by an independent publisher, she spent five years pitching literary agents in the hopes of being published traditionally. She desperately wanted that traditional publishing deal. After 100 rejections from literary agents, she launched the company that could help women just like her – unapologetic in their story and looking for support. Now, she has the opportunity to walk the journey of developmental editing, publishing, and mentoring aspiring female authors throughout the world. After spending two decades in the storytelling world, she knows how to get a great book out into the marketplace.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 00:31 Welcome Carrie Severson, the CEO of The Unapologetic Voice House
00:31 – 01:30 Rhea’s Marketing Essential Moment, check out this great offer here: https://www.peppershock.com/audit/
01:30 – 06:09 Welcome your host and Peppershock Media CEO, Rhea Allen
06:09 – 09:25 Things to know when publishing your book
09:25 – 10:37 Promoting your book
10:37 – 11:08 Importance of book trailers
11:08 – 12:53 2 sets of eyes on everything
12:53 – 14:23 What makes a good book cover
14:23 – 15:15 The book spine
15:15 – 17:00 The key to a great book title
17:00 – 22:09 Importance of voice-over talent
22:09 – 26:17 Pre-sale launch
26:17 – 28:07 Pricing your book
28:07 – 30:12 Finding your niche
30:12 – 33:41 More tips to promoting your book
33:41 – 34:56 Book launch during a pandemic
34:56 – 37:13 Importance of a marketing budget
37:13 – 43:07 Publishing on Amazon
43:07 – 45:21 How to get ahold of Carrie
45:21 – 45:52 Thank you, Carrie
45:52 – 46:10 Thank you for tuning in to The Marketing Expedition Podcast
46:10 – 46:36 Join https://themarketingexpedition.com/ today!

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