Episode 71 | Marketing in the Wellness World with Victor Briere

Apr 1, 2021

Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor, is the co-founder of Pacific Coast Ayurveda and the International Institute of Tantric and Vedic Sciences. Victor is a gifted pulse reader specializing in Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling. With his in-depth, individualized approach to health, Victor offers clients and students a detailed and encompassing perspective on the underlying causes of imbalance. Victor’s approach to wellness emphasizes the role and importance of lifestyle and dietary balance. He offers the support often needed to successfully address the root cause of illness and restore the body to balance.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 00:31 Overview of Victor Briere, Ayurveda, and today’s podcast topic
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02:09 – 03:06 Rhea’s Weekly Marketing Tip
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04:17 – 04:33 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
04:33 – 06:00 Welcome Victor
06:00 – 09:09 Hear about Ayurveda, Victor’s practice, and new clients during a pandemic
10:11 – 18:00 Real Stories of how Ayurveda has helped people and how he markets those “Success Stories”
19:47 – 24:40 Victor dives into the details of his practice and how he became involved in Ayurveda
24:40 – 33:04 Marketing recommendations from Victor and how he’s grown his business
33:04 – 34:38 Listen to Victor’s last-minute advice on building your brand and bottom line
34:38 – 35:50 A huge thanks to Victor for sharing his practice and advice
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