Episode 68 | Creating Fun in Life After Loss Without Guilt with Holly Rose Holland

Mar 11, 2021

Holly Rose Holland has fifteen years of experience as a spouse, twenty-four years as a parent, and eleven years as a survivor, supporting others who are experiencing grief. In moving through the grief process, she noticed many people were stuck around death, relationships, employment, and often changes in themselves. Holly has always wanted to write a book and enjoys sharing what she has learned about creating a life after loss.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 00:54 Overview of Holly Rose Holland, her book and grief
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04:20 – 04:39 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
04:39 – 04:56 Welcome Holly Rose Holland
04:56 – 10:38 Holly talks about her group
10:38 – 21:01 Holly discusses the process behind writing her book and the writing retreat
21:01 – 23:40 Holly touches on her background and her journey
23:40 – 30:13 Expanding through online networking and support groups
30:13 – 33:24 How Holly stays connected and gets her messages out
33:24 – 34:33 Head to www.hollyroseholland.com to find out more about Holly and to get Holly’s book
34:33 – 40:52 Holly’s book and podcast recommendations
40:52 – 42:18 Holly dives into her personal favorite marketing strategy
42:18 – 44:30 Final words of advice from Holly: life is meant to be fun
44:30 – 44:48 Big thanks to Holly Rose Holland for sharing her journey
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