It’s Time to Rebound and Recover Your Business. 

Dust off the shock/awe and get on with the business of your business, by taking what you’ve learned and perfecting it for 2021. 

Remember March 2020? You were busy ramping up for Q2, evaluating Q1, and preparing yourself to worry about all the things that you THOUGHT you’d be needing to worry about for Q3 and Q4. Perhaps 2020 was going to be YOUR year, or the year your business expanded, got off the ground of maybe just broke even! We all had our goals, and then…..


…and then the events stopped. The schools closed. The world closed down. And your bills? Payroll? Stakeholders? They were all still depending on your Q2-4 success. But where did your customers/clients go?

They stayed home. They followed the mandates. We were all going to “flatten the curve,” and then get back down to business! 

It’s 2021, and people are still staying home (ish) and following mandates (mostly) and the curve? Well, this isn’t a political opinion column, it’s a rallying cry for Idaho Businesses, so we won’t go there.


So what’s March 2021 going to look like? Here’s a list of possible answers: 

  1. Who knows. 
  2. Nobody knows. 
  3. No clue. 
  4. No idea.

But as a small business owner who’s been pivoting, reinventing, adapting, shooting into the dark, and throwing burnt spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks this whole year, I am going to tell you that YOU know, so do others, we’ve got LOTS of clues, and we have a bunch of GREAT ideas! 

What do you know? 

  • You know what has, and hasn’t worked in the last year with your business. 
  • You know that there are lots of bright entrepreneurs, team leaders, and mentors in our business community who have lived and learned through the same, and would love to talk to you. 
  • You have plenty of clues that social distancing, mask mandates (or encouragements) and other protocols are going to continue for the foreseeable future (through Q3 at LEAST). 
  • You have ideas, and others have great ideas, and you’re ready to stop grieving what MIGHT have been or what SHOULD have been, and get on with the business of making your business a success in the socially distanced, mask-wearing, gatherings of people shunning world that we are currently living in.

So how are you going to rebound/recover your business in 2021? 

Do you have S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals? (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based, Ethical, Recorded). Are you diversifying or branching out? Investing in technology that will enable you to serve your customers safely, or will you be investing in marketing to let your customers know that you are STILL here, and ready to serve?

Your solutions might not be the same as my answers or your neighbors and colleagues in the Idaho business community. But you know things. You have already slain dragons, and you know how to stay afloat, so now it’s time to really start paddling hard, adjust your sails, and rebound/recover your business in 2021!

You got this! Let’s discuss your ideas and plans. Get in touch with us today.

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