Episode 63 | Healthcare Doesn’t Have to be Hard with Dr. Julie Gunther

Feb 4, 2021

Dr. Julie Gunther is a dual-Board Certified Family Physician who loves being a doctor. She founded sparkMD in 2013 to take back her relationship with her patients and to empower herself to be the doctor she set out to be.

Podcast notes:
0:00 – 2:08 Overview of Dr. Julie Gunther, SparkMD and Today’s Podcast Topic
2:08 – 3:00 peppershock.com/offers for $5 off First Gift Card Purchase from the Raise App
3:00 – 4:19 Marketing Essentials Moment: Double Down on Digital
4:19 – 4:35 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
4:35 – 7:52 Welcome Dr. Julie Gunther
7:52 – 15:46 History behind SparkMD
15:46 – 21:48 So what is Direct Primary Care and How does it Differ from Monthly Insurance Costs?
21:48 – 26:49 The Marketing Side of SparkMD
28:05 – 30:53 Business and Marketing Goals for SparkMD
30:53 – 35:48 The Steps in Growing a Small Business
35:48 – 38:46 Dr. Gunther Discusses her Passions and her Teachings
38:46 – 40:22 Benefits of SparkMD’s Business Model
40:22 – 44:13 Julie’s Message to Employers: Healthcare Doesn’t Have to be Hard
44:13 – 45:03 Direct Care and How it’s Launching Throughout the US
45:03 – 46:12 Dr. Gunther’s Discusses her Book: “Sparks Starts Fires” now being Sold on Amazon
46:12 – 47:11 What Julie’s Working on Now and her Plans for the Future
47:11 – 47:32 Advice for Entrepreneurs and Business Starters
47:32 – 49:09 Thanks to Dr. Julie Gunther and Support her New Book: “Sparks Starts Fires”
49:09 – 49:33 Thanks for Listening, Find more Podcasts Online peppershock.com
49:33 – 50:04 Check out themarketingexpedition.com to Build Relationships with Others and Find the Latest Marketing Trends

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