Episode 60 | Facebook for Businesses

Jan 28, 2021

A lot is changing! If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook for Business and Facebook Groups are undergoing some really exciting transformations and changes, and you need to be ready to take advantage of all the great tools, features, and benefits. Join us as Rhea Allen (President and CEO of Peppershock Media, and the Founder of The Marketing Expedition) takes you on a guided tour of these changes, new offerings, and opportunities.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 01:11 Free access for themarketingexpedition.com for one month with promo code – MONTH1
01:11 – 02:09 peppershock.com/offers for $30 off DoorDash orders
02:09 – 02:39 Welcome to The Marketing Expedition Podcast
02:39 – 03:27 Intro to Facebook for Business
03:27 – 05:18 About Rhea Allen and Peppershock Media
05:18 – 06:56 Social Media and Its Growth Throughout Time
06:56 – 09:10 All About New Facebook Features and Apps
09:10 – 11:28 Facebook Groups and Their Importance
11:28 – 14:03 The Importance of Engagement
14:03 – 17:48 Simple Tips to Increase Engagement
17:48 – 21:32 Rhea’s 5 R’s of Facebook
21:32 – 25:03 Carousel Advertising
25:03 – 26:32 User-generated content
26:32 – 29:46 Uncovering and Understanding your Audience
29:46 – 33:06 Measuring your Social Media Posts
33:06 – 34:26 Creating your Facebook Shop
34:26 – 37:15 Navigating Facebook Live and Facebook Stories
37:15 – 38:29 Summary: Key points of Increasing Engagement
38:29 – 40:09 Announcing our Upcoming Marketing Expedition Master Class and Why You Should Sign Up!
40:09 – 40:53 Discover and Listen to More Podcasts at the marketingexpedition.com/podcast
40:53 – 42:09 Register for our Ongoing Marketing Expedition Virtual Meetup: peppershockmedia.com/events
42:09 – 44:03Join Rhea and Lynette Hoy from Firetalker PR while they cover the ‘Top 10 PR and Marketing Must Dos’
44:03 – 45:48 peppershock.com/book-rhea to Book Time with Rhea

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