Episode 51 | The Power of Your Story with Margy Feldhuhn

Nov 5, 2020

Margy Feldhuhn is the co-owner of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. Margy and her business partner Jessica lead an in-house staff of 13 employees in their Rhode Island office and have successfully scaled the agency to 7 figures. Margy joined the company in 2016 as a contractor, becoming the first employee in 2017 and equal co-owner by 2018. She has helped to quickly scale the business by designing and implementing systems to increase revenue, streamline operations, and achieve the highest quality client experience. Margy has taken on a creative role in the agency as well, co-hosting and producing podcasts and video content for the company. Margy is active in animal rescue and organizes a yearly fundraiser called Art for Animals. In 2019 she was recognized for her efforts with a “Humane Heroes” award. When she’s not busy rescuing pets in need, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts.

Podcast notes:
00:00 – 1:55 Introducing Margy Feldhuhn
01:55 – 04:08 Art of Animals
04:08 – 08:43 How Margy Got to Where She is Today
08:43 – 09:40 Traveling and the Impacts of it
09:40 – 14:17 Meeting Jess and Door to Door Sales
14:17 – 18:15 Margy’s Marketing; Paid Ads and Guest Expert Profit Lab Facebook Group
18:15 – 20:23 2021 and Beyond
20:23 – 22:24 Monetizing the Mic
22:24 – 24:41 How to be a Guest on a Podcast
24:41 – 28:01 Sucess Stories of Margy’s
28:01 – 32:24 Margy’s Favorite Resources and Tool
32:24 – 34:06 Margy’s Favorite Accomplishment
34:06 – 35:19 Guest Expert Profit Lab Facebook Group
35:19 – 36:13 Margy’s Pets
36:13 – 36:55 Closing and Find More at Peppershock.com
36:55 – 37:23 Visit Themarketingexpedition.com to find out more!

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