Maggie Dennison is a teacher and mentor for Mindset and Marketing. She combines her business experience as a Project Leader for a multinational company in Germany, with years of personal and spiritual development, coaching, and writing marketing materials. With this rounded background, she helps her clients with the nuts and bolts of marketing as well as getting them past those stuck places that stop them in their tracks. Nature feeds her spirit and in her spare time, you’re most likely to find her out among the trees. Maggie grew up in Northern Ireland and since leaving there, has lived in 7 countries…so far.

Podcast notes:
00:00 – 05:15 Introduction
05:15 – 06:24 Working with Solos and Partnerships
06:24 – 08:05 What’s it’s like Working with Maggie
08:05 – 17:02 Client Example
17:02 – 20:27 Shifting Balance
20:27 – 24:20 Marketing the Business and Networking
24:20 – 26:45 Future Marketing Jobs
26:45 – 30:00 Closing Statements
30:00 – 32:41 Be Sure to Check Out

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