Episode 47 | Success and Leadership Development with Brandon Buck

Oct 8, 2020

Brandon Buck created Infinite Strengths with the mission to provide an exceptional experience that will ensure all clients fully maximize their potential. Brandon’s passion for leadership development started with an opportunity to play collegiate baseball at Purdue University. After graduation, he began a career as a high school teacher and coach in Arizona. As the head coach of the baseball team, Brandon focused on character development first and baseball second. His top priority was to develop young boys into good men, husbands, and fathers. This focus equated to dozens of draft picks, collegiate athletes, state championships, and a nationally ranked program. Brandon developed district-wide leadership programs for students, teachers, and administration and was named a finalist for Teacher of the Year for the state of Arizona in 2010. Brandon became a professional leadership coach, facilitator, and speaker in January of 2016. Since then he has been helping incredible people enhance their lives and incredible companies enhance their business and culture.

Podcast notes:

00:00 – 03:44 Introduction 

03:44 – 06:03 Behind the Business Name

06:03 – 10:58 Coaching in Life

10:58 – 12:34 Engaging in the Huddle 

12:34 – 13:45 Experience from the Huddle 

13:45 – 16:14 What was Covered in the Last Huddle

16:14 – 19:25 Success Stories

19:25 – 21:50 What Motivates You

21:50 – 24:34 Gaining New Business 

24:34 – 25:24 Virtual Speaking due to COVID 

25:24 – 26:25 Don’t Forget to Check Out https://infinitestrengths.com/ 

26:25 – 29:39 Closing Statements

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