Episode 45 | Why Ice Hockey is Like Entrepreneurship with Zuzana Dobro

Oct 1, 2020

Zuzana Dobro is the founder of The WHO Method a system created to help entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, experts, and agencies to get to know their customers deeply and to avoid the pitfalls of attracting the wrong people.

Born in former Czechoslovakia, Zuzana escaped the Iron Curtain and moved to England, speaking very little English and with only £200 in her pockets. She gradually made her way working in the creative industry and landed her “dream job” as an interaction and UX designer. However, something felt odd. Zuzana had an unstoppable desire to fulfill a childhood dream to travel around the world. So she left her comfortable lifestyle and traveled solo for 2 years, even backpacked to Antarctica. It was after her trip where she merged her passion for adventure, travel, and human evolution with her design and creative problem-solving expertise, and embarked on her new journey of entrepreneurship.

Podcast notes:
00:00 – 02:12 Introduction
02:12 – 05:48 Traveling the World
05:48 – 12:21 Understanding Travel in the Workplace
12:21 – 16:25 Backpacking in Alaska
16:25 – 23:12 Experience with Clients
23:12 – 28:05 Choosing to be an Entrepreneur
28:05 – 30:12 Work Ethic and Mastering your Skills
30:12 – 41:00 How to Approach Companies
41:00 – 42:46 Make Sure to Check Out zuzanadobro.com
42:46 – 45:03 The Who Method thewhomethod.com/who-waiting-a
45:03 – 46:28 Closing Statements

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