Episode 34 | Networking with Shelly Yorgesen of The Veranda Network

May 22, 2020

Today we’re sharing with you a special conversation from a Facebook live interview with Shelly Yorgesen, Founder of The Veranda Network. An online group of businesswomen who support each other and help each other grow in business and life. We talked about relationships, Sales, Marketing, Networking and so much more.

Podcast notes:
00:00 – 00:33 Join The Marketing Expedition Community
00:33 – 01:00 Introduction
01:00 – 02:10 Welcome Shelly Yorgesen
02:10 – 04:00 Global Networking
04:00 – 07:25 Givent Executive Networking Events
07:25 – 10:59 Share your Businesses Story
11:01 – 14:50 How to Grow your Businesses Without Technology
14:50 – 17:25 Favorite way to Market
17:25 – 20:06 Fingertip Marketing
20:06 – 21:28 Givent Executive Network and the Veranda Virtual Network.
21:28 – 22:04 Thank you Shelly Yorgesen
22:05 – 22:24 Join The Marketing Expedition Community

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