Episode 28 | Websites, Wellness, and Women in Business

Feb 24, 2020

Listen as Rhea Allen is joined by Brooke Lacy, one of Idaho’s most successful Entrepreneurs and Podcast hosts! In this podcast, you will gain insights on how to best grow and maintain your network, becoming a success as an entrepreneur as well as overcoming challenges to better yourself. Take a listen!

Podcast notes:
Podcast notes:
Intro – 00:00
Host Rhea Allen – 00:18
Welcome, Booke Lacy – 00:35
About Brooke – 00:41
Jayla Digital – 01:10
Brookes beginning – 02:30
Living in Idaho – 04:38
Working for Albertsons Tech Support – 05:28
Starting Tech Savy – 06:18
Generating Business – 08:32
Accelerating Word of Mouth – 11:36
Keys to Networking – 12:23
Mentors – 13:20
Ideal Clients in the Tech World – 15:40
Designing Mobile-First – 20:30
Mental Wellness Life Podcast – 24:22
Overcoming Challenges – 29:58
Being an Entrepreneur – 36:05
Closing Remarks – 42:38
Thank You – 42:58

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