Episode 27 | Pod-Swap with Matt Deitz

Feb 23, 2020

We did a “pod-swap” with Matt Dietz, his podcasts are called “Simply Explaining Insurance,” and “None of My Business” and we interviewed each other and recorded it all in one session together. Take a listen and learn! We discuss everything from entrepreneurship, to marketing, and how podcasts are a great way to market your business and seek new business by interviewing people to sharing stories and swapping insights, information and ways to build your brand and bottom line! Take a listen!

Podcast notes:
Intro – 00:00
Host Rhea Allen – 00:18
Welcome, Matt Dietz – 00:40
About Matt Dietz – 00:45
Matts Insurance Business – 02:00
How to make Insurance Appealing – 02:22
Matts Podcast (Simply Explaining Insurance) – 02:37
How podcasting has helped Matts business – 04:38
Matts Personal Podcast – 05:21
Working Outside of Idaho – 08:24
How Matt got to Idaho – 09:40
Idaho Growth – 10:20
How Matt Generates New Business – 11:38
Referrals – 12:20
Standing out from the Competition – 14:15
Running a Business – 15:30
Favorite Book – 17:00
Marketing and Technology – 19:50
Ideas of the Future – 22:40
Cultivating Online Reviews – 28:40
Learn about Rheas’ Business – 35:00
The early days of Peppershock – 35:44
Hybrid Agency Trailblazers – 39:30
Social Media – 41:00
How to best Market to Consumers – 42:24
2020 Marketing Trends For The New Year – 42:36
How to know what people will respond to – 46:19
The Peppershock Crew – 49:54
Tips for acquiring new Business – 51:20
Peppershock Small Business of the Year – 55:20
What do you love about what you do – 56:38
Culture and Brand Camp – 58:55
Rhea’s Book – 1:00:30
Storytelling and Word of Mouth – 1:02:43
Future of Peppershock – 1:08:38
Thank you, Mark Dietz – 1:11:55

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