Episode 25 | Creating a unique and successful business with Christian Kilpatrick

Feb 21, 2020

Listen as Rhea Allen is joined by Christian Kilpatrick from Brick6 Creative! In this podcast, you will learn how Christian Kilpatrick has created his business and the steps in which networking, teambuilding, word of mouth and more have helped him in creating a unique and successful business. Take a listen!

Podcast notes:
Intro – 00:20
Welcome in Christian Kilpatrick – 00:28
About Christian Kilpatrick – 00:38
HealthWise and what is it – 3:05
Where Brick6 Creative came from – 4:02
What is Brick6 Creative – 5:39
Behind the Legos – 11:15
Listening and Communication tips – 14:46
PO Statements – 16:45
Starting a business in 2019 – 18:10
Epic Team Building Workshops – 19:48
Branding and creating a presence for Brick6 – 21:07
Focusing on LinkedIn and Social Media – 22:18
Creating a meetup group – 24:05
Keys to Networking – 24:45
Being an ambassador for your business – 25:52
Word of Mouth Advertising – 27:35
Final Thoughts – 30:00
Thank you, Christian Kilpatrick – 30:30
Contact Info – 30:40

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